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Meet Megan


Megan Hopp Design came to life when founder Megan Hopp showed up to New York City with a staple gun in her bag and a brain full of wallpaper. Fast forward, MHD is making spaces from New York to San Francisco and anywhere in between. While favoring big & brave choices, we specialize in creating real spaces for real people, in really any way we want. It's simple: change your space, change your life.




happy customers

I was completely overwhelmed with  the thought of decorating my entire apartment when I first reached out to Megan. From the very beginning she was able to capture everything that I thought I needed for my new apartment and a number of items that hadn’t crossed my mind. What surprised me the most, was the sheer volume of options she was able to share with me along with how many spaces we were able to touch on in a ten hour package. Working with Megan was an absolute joy- she is incredibly responsive and made the decorating process fun rather than daunting! I’m really looking forward to the next time I need her help on a new space!
— Kourtney
Megan is fabulous and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She did my living room and nursery at my home, and more recently, my office. I feel like she excels at finding things that reflect your style while still encouraging you to push a little outside your comfort zone. She always offered up a variety of price points for each item, which I appreciated. She’s extremely fast, very organized, and overall just pleasant to be around. I always felt comfortable giving her feedback and we rarely had to do more than 1 sourcing round for any item.
— Liz
Megan made decorating our West Village apartment fun, easy and stress-free! She collaborates with your vision and adds her own unique twist on pretty much everything. We couldn’t be happier with the way our apartment turned out - the highlights being the beautiful wallpaper in our entryway I never would have thought to pick out myself (but I absolutely love!) and the seamless way she managed to tie every detail together.
— Devon
Megan was a dream to work with! She helped transform our apartment through a combination of rethinking existing items, purchasing new furniture and commissioning custom pieces based on the peculiar floor plan of our home. She combined the design sensibilities of my husband and myself - no easy feat, as we had recently gotten married and were figuring out what “our” style was! She knew when to recommend an investment piece vs. a bargain, and was sensitive to our timelines and budget the whole way through. I would totally work with Megan again!
— Christine
As someone who finds decorating scary, overwhelming and not enjoyable, Megan made the whole process easy and most importantly, fun! She designed the first apartment my husband and I purchased together and she really helped to make it feel like our home. She totally “got” what we were going for and made everything from working with a contractor to finding just the “right” decorative mirror efficient and stress-free. We would definitely work with her again!
— Megan
I am a particular person when it comes to aesthetics, but felt very inept in designing my living quarters. I met Megan when I was living in a luxury studio apartment, she then helped me transition to a new space with roommates and dogs! In both cases she was professional, incredibly insightful and helped me create a space that is functional, comfortable and very much me.
— Whitney
Outside of being an incredibly talented designer with fresh & creative perspective, Megan is - put simply - a wonderful human being whose fingerprints I am thrilled to have all over our home. I hope to work with her for years to come!
— Jordan