Oh hello, come on in!


I’m Megan and as most of you know the human behind Megan Hopp Design. As an interior designer I spend day after day looking at all things home decor old and new, and as result my brain is the equivalent of one of those vintage library catalogues, only this time filled with accent tables at the start and wool rugs at the end.

This blog will explore a lot of things in realm of design, style, NYC, and how to make it all happen and get you inspired. The biggest question I will be answering over here however is “WHERE’S IT FROM?!” Day by day I will be sharing all of my favorite things from all of my favorite places, pieces that are tried and true, and ready to be shopped by you!

I believe that if you change your space, you can change your life, and if you do that…well just about anything could happen next.

So with that, let’s get cracking.


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