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About four or so years ago, I started to notice that Target was really upping their game in the home and garden section. Every time I browsed online or went into a store I was smitten with the options and, in turn, bought a lot of superfluous accent tables that I really had no place for. As time has passed, I hear myself saying to clients “you know Target is really killing it these days” more and more. But it’s not just these days, it’s ALL the days. With new product lines and brand partnerships coming down the assembly line like boom boom boom, Target has become a top resource for me to find good looking furniture at about as low a price point as you can get. Below is my current top ten list of furniture pieces that are available exclusively at Target.


Brass Barrel Coffee Table: $129.99

When you are looking for a dramatic punch in your room but don’t want to spend a lot or get a lot, I suggest solid metal pieces like this drum coffee table. It’s basically a work of art all its own, but really functional in shape and size. It’s also surprisingly lightweight, so hardly cumbersome to move around.


Wood Arm Chair: $229.99

You may have seen this chair before, and I am not the first to sing its praises. A beautiful replica of a classic mid-century style, this chair in my opinion comes at an insanely low price for the quality and design you are getting in return. Don’t believe me? I OWN THIS CHAIR. It’s in my living room - I love it, I gaze at it, I’ve never regretted it.


Slat Console: $159.99

Here are the two things I love about this console. One: the storage is better than most. Yes, the drawers are clearly helpful, but for me the raised lower shelf is what is KEY. The defined nook for baskets or bins or whatever you put down there will look SO MUCH better in a defined and contained space than plop on the ground. Two: the style sits in that sweet spot for me between mid-century and Scandinavian style with its light oak finish and horizontal lines.


Black Metal End Table: $59.99

I use this table a lot - just used it the other day, in fact, as a nightstand. But sometimes I use it as a side table, sometimes I use it as office storage, and sometimes I even use it as a small entry table. How can this be? Yes, it’s an accent table, but it’s also oddly tall at 24” high, which gives it more flexibility than other similar pieces. The second shelf also provides a lot of function for places in your home that aren’t purely decorative.


Rattan Bar Cart: $149.99

You know how some people hate cilantro and think it tastes like literal poison, while others love it? I think that same brain chemistry diversity applies to rattan furniture. Some folks are all in, while others would prefer to live the rest of their lives on a cement slab. I happen to LOVE it, like really LOVE it. Every time I take on a client I throw a rattan piece their way and see how the cookie crumbles on that one. This bar cart is about as charming as they get in my book.


Tansy Strap Headboard: $199.99

A word of advice I give to friends and clients when they are feeling like their homes are a little “meh” is to survey the amount of texture you have in your space. No surprise here, but when shopping, people often go for what the like over and over over, leaving themselves with a room full of a lot of the same thing… or texture. Pieces like this woven headboard can switch up a space really fast with its not so normal design and shape. Also, it’s just dang cool.


Cane Chair: $199.99

Hello, it’s the Rattan Ranger (aka me) checking in and confirming that I put caned furniture in this same category of obsession. A few things I think are killer about this chair: the whitewashed coloring in combo with the light upholstery makes the chair’s style really transformative and flexible. This piece could easily be used in a traditional space, a mid-century space, a Scandinavian space, and certainly in an eclectic space. The other thing that is a ding ding ding winner on this chair is the curved back. You guys, round chairs are SO helpful because they fit anywhere. I promise you.


Oak Ladder Bookcase: $99.99

This is super sharp piece of furniture that comes at a bonkers low price for what it is, but why I like it more than most is that the more of them you use the better they get. Because the sleek metal frame is on the outside of the shelves vs. slightly inset, you can line these suckers up for miles creating a really fantastic set of shelving that will give the illusion of something built in and far more expensive.


Twill White Slipcover Chair: $264.99

When I was in college I would fall asleep holding my Rachel Ashwell design books, weeping myself into sweet dreams of ruffled pillow cases and busted chests of drawers. For those of you who don’t know, Rachel is the Goddess of a style called Shabby Chic, which really was the first thing that sparked my life of interior design. I carry with me today some basic shabby chic principles, the slip cover being the preamble to my design bill of rights. This chair is a classic, can’t go wrong.


Caned Nighstand: $89.99

I mean…do I even need to say it? Love.


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