Here comes the sun...

MAN ALIVE I am ready for warm weather. Let the record state I will take the 40 something degrees we are having these days in NYC over say… 12, but the thought of truly sunny days is getting me in the mood for all things YELLOW. Shop my favorite sunshine items for your home and closet below.


Louise Velvet Pillow: $68

This lumbar pillow is like a life size bar of gold, and I’m into it. In combo with other colorful accessories or on its own as a strong accent piece, this pillow is a cheerful addition to your space this way or that.


Royal Grid Shag Rug: $899

Rugs are a great, easy and quick way to shake up your space and achieve an entirely different look in an instant. This horseradish shag is bold and chic and would work well in a living or bedroom.


Swedish Hasbeens Kringlan Clog Sandals: $239

I cannot wait to get myself a pair of these so I can dance down the street like I don’t have a care in the world (disclaimer: I am a human, I have many cares and many to do lists). If you’ve never tried this foreign footwear, you will be pleasantly surprised that they feel as good they look.


Stepped Form Ceramic Vases: $39

Don’t fresh cut flowers just feel better when you can open the window and feel the sunshine streaming in? This stacked vase is so charming it gives my spirit a little spunk just looking at it, wait until I can get it in the sun.


Novogratz Campbell Cottage Chair: $59

I am SO obsessed with this chair. It’s glossy and metal and you can pour your dinner all over it without any consequence. The rounded back makes for a statement dining chair, functional desk seating, or a cute corner option to boot.


Octillo Encaustic Cement Tile: $13/sqft

Who wouldn’t want a yellow diagonal line bathroom floor? I would.


Striped Scoop-Back Dress: $118

The best part of summer to me is wearing sundresses, for those who also like to wear sundresses generally, I suspect they may agree. The most important part of a dress-a loose waist, because who would EVER want to feel the waist of their clothes?!  This Madewell dress checks all the boxes.


Holly & Martin Beckett Bench: $117

If you own this bench, it is scientifically impossible for you to be a.) boring or b.) mean. Buy this bench and be an interesting kind person today!

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